We can do it like this:

Reach out when you meet as if you want to shake her hand, and when she also stretches out your hand, you withdraw your hand, smile and say: “Aren’t we too old-fashioned like this, take it easy, hahaha”

Give her a funny nickname, for example, there is a Xin character in her name, everyone calls her Xin Xin, and you prefer to call her another name, causing complicity. For example, girls belong to the cute type, you can say: “In the future, call you girl Xin, let’s go drink, girl Xin.” If she objects, you say, “Oh, okay, little sister. Plus your cold smile (if she’s younger than you, this can cause her emotions.) She might start role-playing, or start messing around with you, calling you little brother or something. )

This stage of the chat belongs to the transitional period, not too long, the following will talk about some connecting topics, the purpose is to experience resonance and resonate.

You can talk about your childhood experiences, childhood life, aspirations, college life, and so on. As a guide, you can start by talking about your childhood fun

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