Our encounter is longer than the flowering period

Many times, longing meets sadness. And at this moment, when I think of you, my heart is filled with soft warmth, which feels a little sweet and a little intoxicating, and I, who is used to singing sadness, actually has some happy feelings.

I can’t help but remember that when I met you, it was also at such a season, through the smoke and rain, stepping on the drum of words, only to inadvertently look back and meet a sad lonely boy. At that time, it was just normal, but I didn’t think that after the flowers were gone, you would become a concern under the tip of my pen.

Carefully like your time, like the footsteps of the years, so beautiful, so fragrant. Like cool dew in the morning, it has the best vision of youth. Those tiny, fleeting pleasures, stationed in the gaps of the days, like persistent vines grasping the brick walls, insisting on shielding the building from as much dust and sun as possible.

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