love letter

Often think of you, you may not believe, but these thoughts will be uncontrolled and often appear inexplicably. Sometimes in the cold or hot season, sometimes in the fast or slow pace, sometimes in the years far or near.

This is really not a good thing for me, and I am very scared. I’m afraid that one day I will only have you in my life, and it’s not that I’m afraid of missing it.

Just because I understand that the blue birds flying from your city will not visit me, your world will not have me, I feel very unfair, I miss you so much, can you think of this distant me in any second.

Today the wind is blowing in my city, I am happy, and the small fan of ginkgo biloba is flying with my long hair.

You don’t know that after I met you, I never had short hair or braided hair.

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