The season of love

The sun is warm and gently caresses the earth. The spring breeze is gentle, everything is revived, and the green is rendered layer by layer. Dead branches and leaves disappeared under the green round-up of spring.

Surrounded by mountains and mountains, there is a jasper-like pond whose surface reflects green light. Schools of fish swim freely and happily in the pond. Occasionally, a fish comes out of the water and spits out skewers of blisters, which crack and ripple in circles. The breeze blows, blowing off the dead branches of the weeping willows on the shore, and falling and floating in the pool. Look closely at the dead branches in the water, and sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised to find panicked little ants on the dead branches, which seem to be looking for direction, and seem to be driving a small flat boat out of control in the vast blue waves to confuse the beauty of the shore. Around the pond, weeping willows nestle, soft branches touch the surface of the water, the spring breeze comes, the branches sway lightly, and dance in full swing. Under the shadow of the trees, the students read American texts softly, seriously pondering and discussing the eternal topics of life. In the trees, birds jump up and down, singing, calling friends, showing their best in each other, they seem to understand that spring is easy to pass by, and they want to taste the taste of spring.

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