My story is only good with you

The grass grows and the warblers fly, the flowers are like brocade, and everything is flourishing in May, the hazy drizzle that should have been moist and silent, but there is a hint of coolness, and the sky has darkened.

Holding a cup of tea, picking up a wisp of book fragrance, sitting quietly under the pavilion, the relaxed scenery can not reflect the uncalm heart, staring at the distant firmament, especially fascinating.

Probably, life is like this, few people like rainy days, but how can it be clear skies.

It is said that love, to rely on fate, fate has arrived, everything is in place, there is this fate, it is good to go with the flow, but fate has not arrived, it is not impossible to fight, the twisted melon is not sweet, sweet or not does not matter, may like that melon

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