The broken shadows under the slide are like puzzle pieces, scattered in the world, changing all kinds of novel appearances, I am only afraid that when you put together a beautiful picture, and mine is still scattered in all corners of this world, I hurriedly pursue, to find, it seems at a loss, but you are enjoying the beauty, saying the beauty of aesthetics. We are too far away on the road of life, will you wait for me?

I love the bright and elegant moon, and you love the passionate sun. I am as tender as the light snow of the first time, and you are as warm as the sun in full bloom in August. My walk is like a romantic poet, leaving wandering poetry on the road, and the vast and magnificent grassland you walk through is the place where you make great promises. I long for a truly peaceful, sick-free world, a utopia for all mankind, and your heart is devoted to a battlefield full of blood and pride, and the trumpets are heard in the barracks. I read ancient classics in the ink-scented study, appreciated the charm of Li Bai’s words, tasted Lao She’s works and couldn’t help but be handsome, experienced Lu Xun’s unique and handsome artistic aesthetics, while you stepped across the lengthy coastline to one place after another, you have something more important on your shoulders than the love of children, and your surroundings are the deepest, and the cry of love for the motherland is not at all different from the guzheng I have appreciated. We are too far apart in our hearts, will you accept me?

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