Discover his strengths and tolerate his weaknesses

At the beginning of love, women are often addicted to the sweetness and enthusiasm of love, many times the eyes will be blinded, thinking that the other party is full of advantages, almost blind to its shortcomings, and after a long time together, the other party’s shortcomings and shortcomings are revealed, at this time, women will be surprised to say: “How so?” Why didn’t you find out that he had so many problems in the first place? In fact, the two people have not changed, nor deliberately hidden, but the initial enthusiasm allows you to only see his advantages, and over time, your increasingly rational heart sees his shortcomings, and will constantly amplify these shortcomings and deficiencies, if you always hold this mentality, it is very likely to eventually make yourself a grudge, or even a deserter of love. Therefore, when in love, we must learn to discover his advantages and tolerate his shortcomings, after all, there are no perfect people in the world, learn to be tolerant and accepting, understand that love is not a fantasy, and calmly face those imperfections in reality, so that we can go on with him for a longer time.

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