Be good at communication, vent dissatisfaction, and resolve conflicts

The most important thing between people is communication, which is equally important for two people in love. At the beginning of love, two people always have endless infatuated love words, but after a long time, they will feel that there is no need to say more, and sometimes even the minimum communication is gone. At this time, both parties in love may use silence to suppress the dissatisfaction in their hearts, but this will make the dissatisfaction of both parties accumulate more and more, and when there is a “fuse” to make the emotions explode, it may lead to an uncontrollable situation. Therefore, quarrelling is actually an art, a means of communication, the most important thing for two people to quarrel is not to “take revenge”, can not carry out personal attacks, let alone easily break up. It is necessary to vent your dissatisfaction in the quarrel, and carefully understand the other party’s words, and discover your own shortcomings in time, so that you can untie the knot and ice the previous suspicions. In short, communication is the bond that maintains feelings, and only by learning to communicate can we truly experience the happiness of love.

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