Create a romantic atmosphere. Spend time with each other carefully

Flowers need to be watered, fertilized, and pruned to bloom more gorgeously, and love is the same, which requires us to manage it with our hearts and give it attention and love, otherwise, it will wither and wither like an untaken flower. Maybe your love has become flat, no longer as thrilling and romantic as at the beginning, maybe you think that the two people are too familiar, no need to say “I love you” and “I am willing to be with you for a long time” and other vow-like words, in fact, you are wrong, love needs to inject new vitality into it every moment. A smart woman will give her lover a kiss or a hug when he leaves the house in the morning, tell him to be careful on the way, and will prepare a special gift for him on his birthday: she will watch a movie with him after work, travel to a different place, talk to him when she is bored.. Don’t think that these small things are not important, it is the fun they bring, allowing lovers to re-examine love and life with tired eyes, and find the passion and romance of the past.

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