Keep somebody at arm’s length. Give the other person plenty of space

Many women are very dependent, they like to be like glue with their lover, but in fact, this is easy to make people have “aesthetic fatigue” on love, the closer the two people are together, the clearer the shortcomings of the other party can be seen, once the mystery of both sides disappears, all the beauty will be eclipsed. Love psychologists tell us: women should not put all their thoughts on their lover, they must have their own life and circle of friends, do not follow each other when they are with their lover, fully believe each other when they are not together, and be suspicious, otherwise it will only make each other disgusted. The so-called distance produces beauty, and only by keeping a proper distance will there be a sense of hazy beauty and mystery. If you love each other, don’t oppress each other, give each other enough space and freedom, so that the other party can value you more and will not get tired of you.

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